Firstly, I would like to thank everyone that has made this very resourceful website possible. I am not a musician and I am relatively new to Zelenka's music and have only started acquiring cd's within the past year, I now have 19. Whereas, I dearly love them all, if I had to choose my 3 favourites (very difficult) they would be: Te deum with Rademann (The Heinichen mass is a lovely bonus), Holy week responses with Lumen Valo, and The lamentations of Jeremiah (Helios).
Very recently, I have been trying to obtain the Psalmi (Supraphon) and have not had any luck, it seems to be discontinued. If anyone would know how to buy this cd I would really appreciate that knowledge.
Secondly, I've been reading somewhat mixed reviews about 'The litanies of St. Francis Xavier' and the very small sound samples available are not enough for me to determine how good this double cd is. Any input would also be very much appreciated.
I do hope that the Zelenka revival continues and picks up more steam. I do admire him greatly. Thanks in advance for any help.