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    Default Missa Votiva performance and recording


    Just to mention another performance of the Missa Votiva, the 22th August in France at the Festival de Sable, by the Collegium 1704, Direction Vaclav Luks.(

    There is an interview of Bernius in french magazine Diapason, he will record the Missa Votiva next year.

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    Dear Skaouros,

    Bernius recording the Missa Votiva. Great news! It's going to be a great Zelenka year probably, next year! Do you have any details? On what label exactly will he record it?

    Best wishes,

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    Dear Peter,

    There are no specific details, but the two pages interview is about also
    the 40th anniversary of the Kammerchor Stuttgart and last Bernius CD of Mendelssohn's Paulus on Carus Verlag label.

    Bernius quoted (translated) :
    "I'm trying for a long time to combine the more and the less known. This way I engraved the last three masses of Zelenka, less famous than Bach, and we just offered in concert a fourth one, the Missa Votiva, which we will record next year".


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