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Thread: Missa votiva - to be broadcasted June 18th

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    Default Missa votiva - to be broadcasted June 18th

    Václav Luks and Collegium 1704 performed Missa votiva and In exitu Israel in May on Prague Spring. (Another performace was in Annenkirche in Dresden on May, 25th 2007, as I realized in this forum). It is going to be recorded for the label Zig-Zag Territoires (coproduction with french festival Sablé). Good news, isn´t? There´s only one recording of Missa votiva, by Wehnert (it is among Alistair´s recommended rec.).
    I found the Luks´performance very good, sometimes brilliant (altough the reviews speak it was "good").
    I think In exitu Israel is very difficult to perform, with its mixture of choir and soloists´ moments; this performace was really just "good".
    But the Missa was perfect - very sharp, enthusiastic tempos (much faster than on Wehnerts´recording); for me, very fascinating was to "see" Zelenka´s music - his sophisticated work with voices of soloists and chorus. The soloists were perfect, maybe Bénedicte Tauran and Tobias Berndt impressed me a bit less. All soloists sung both solos and in choir (the there was about 8 another singers that sung only in choir).
    Now one important information - this preformance was recorded by the Czech Radio and is to be broadcasted on Monday, June 18 at 20.00. Internet broadcasting at - on Czech Radio 3 - Vltava.
    (The Missa votiva to be published on Zig-Zag Territoirs will be still another recording with Luks.)

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    Default Missa Votiva

    Thank you for this very useful information.

    It is great to hear that Missa Votiva will get a second recording after all. It's a shame, though, that Bernius and Rademann couldn't have made recordings - especially considering their performances of it in the last little while.
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