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Thread: Help for all lovers of the music of Jan Dismas Zelenka

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    Thumbs up Help for all lovers of the music of Jan Dismas Zelenka

    Hi everyone,
    first I must tell something about me. I am a big lover of Zelenkas music and I had created (I think it is true) the first website about Jan Dismas Zelenka in 2000 (it was, but I had to delete it in 2002 (because I had some problems). But my love for Jan Dismas Zelenka is going on
    Because I had founded the Society of Jan Dismas Zelenka in 2000 (in the Czech republic), too, I have a lot of materials and information about Jan Dismas Zelenka (I made a lot of photos of his city where he was born - in Louňovice pod Blaníkem, I have a great collection of CDs and a new Czech biography about Jan Dismas Zelenka).
    I would like to offer everybody my help, information, my photos (for this website too) - my address is
    Everything free, sure))
    My dream is to help everybody knows about Jan Dismas Zelenka, because I am sure he is the great composer as Bach or Vivaldi.
    I can help you and give a lot of information about other Czech composers, too (Smetana, Dvořák, Janáček, Martinů, Suk, old Czech masters - you could discover another very good baroque composers - I have a collection of more than 1.000 CDs

    Your Ales

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    Hi Ales,

    Thanks for your message. I think we had contact some years ago. I have sent you a private e-mail. All photographic material for the website will be extremely welcome.

    You could also certainly help us by keeping us informed about what is going on (Zelenka-wise) in the Czech Republic, especially in Prague, as most of the contributors to this forum don't understand your beautiful language!

    Very best wishes.


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    Default Wow!!!

    I am flabbergasted!
    Sure I'll contact you!!!
    I was pčlanning a trip to Praga, Dresda and Lunovice this year but I had to postpone it, I just hope I'll make it for next year.

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