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Thread: Missa Purificationis on CD. Here it is !

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    Default Missa Purificationis on CD. Here it is !

    Hi folks,

    Im surprised the CD was produced so fast.

    Find the creditcard...

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    Hello all!

    Now look what happened: the CD is currently unavailable. Does that mean that those with a profound dedication to Zelenka have bought all the CDs or that the CD just isn't there yet?

    Be it as it be, I am very much looking forward to throwing the CD into my CD-player for the first time. And as I listened to the performance on radio I do not think that the CD-player will spew it out early

    Best wishes!

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    Default Missa Purificationis on CD

    According to Adam Viktora himself, the CD is now in the "pressing shop", so it will be ready for release in December.

    I have reminded him of the two other "transition masses", ZWV 14 and ZWV 15, so we might be even more lucky some day...

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    Hi all,

    We don't have to wait till December! I just received the CD of Ensemble Inegal. It's wonderful!
    By the way: Bernius and his orchestra and chorus are indeed planning a release of the Missa Votiva. But it will probably not be available until the end of 2009...

    Best wishes,

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    I have it and it's a gem. Quite incredible when you think that it was composed in 10 days! It already bears some style typical for the works to follow and yet it is so different and original.
    Big applause for Nibiru. Wish there were more little labels like this that can get into premiere recordings with such enthusiasm.

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    Default Missa Purificationis CD

    Yes. One doesn't have to be Catholic to have a religious experience while listening to this mass!

    This is the last time Z. uses timpani in a mass, but he has already become quite selective about where this should feature.

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