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    Hello everybody,

    I am not sure whether many of you are familiar with playing the Trio Sonatas but just thought that I would let you know about the thousands of mistakes that seem to be in the published trio sonatas by Breitkopf and Hartel.

    Particularly in the faster movements, I have found over 10 mistakes in one movement alone. Some are even as obvious as miscounted bars or missing beats.

    The page turns are also dreadful, and even in the 3rd trio sonata the publisher has had to resort to suggestions of cutting the page so that bars are not missed, although it makes things all very confusing.

    I hope at some point to post the mistakes that I find for the benefit of everybody else. This might take a while...
    Melanie :)

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    Default Zelenka misprints

    Sorry to hear your problem.

    I have Trio Sonatas 1, 2 & 5 in Barenreiter's Hortus Musicus edition (HM 126, 188 & 157 respectively) edited many years ago by C. Schoenbaum.
    Playing through some of this music on the piano (but not needing to look at the separate parts until now!), I have not been aware of errors at all. Perhaps Hortus Musicus got it right.

    If you want me to check it out, I can e-mail you my address so that you can post me a few examples. I would be pleased to photocopy a few pages back to you so that you can then see whether you would wish to switch to the Hortus Musicus edition.

    Andrew Hinds

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