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    Lufthansa Festival - Friday 13 June 1997 7.30pm St James's Piccadilly, London
    Musica Antiqua Koln under Reinhard Goebel

    They performed 1723 Lamentations 1,11,111,V1 & 1V and a newly re-discovered Zelenka work in place of Heinichen's De profundis that was down in the programme. The reason for the change was that the bass-baritone soloist, Raimund Nolte, had a bad throat infection and was unable to tackle the Heinichen. So it was an all Zelenka concert - a massive step forward at that time. Is it unique at the present date? It was a fine performance as one would expect and I remember having a brief chat on the steps outside the church with the fine counter tenor soloist, Steve Dugardin from Belgium, after the rehearsal that preceded the concert. The tenor soloist was Christof Genz.

    St Ceciliatide International Festival of Music - 27 & 28 November 1999 at Stationers Hall, City of London
    Fiori Musicali under Penelope Rapson's direction performed Zelenka's Miserere in C Minor ZWV 57 with James Bowman as one of the soloists. It was followed by the Requiem in C minor believed (according to programme notes) to have been written to mark the death of August ll in 1733.

    BBC Proms 24 August 1994 at 10.00p.m!
    Freiburg Baroque Orchestra included Zelenka's "Hipocondria" in their programme. The leader then was Thomas Hengelbrock with Gottfried von der Goltz sitting alongside him.

    Could we compile a list of live performances and, in due course perhaps get them into some kind of sequences/categories?

    Andrew Hinds
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    Default Newly re-discovered Zelenka work

    Hello Andrew!

    You wrote that a newly re-discovered work was staged at this live-performance. Which one is it? Are there more Zelenka works that have been unearthed only in the last few years? Can you say something about the circumstances this work or these works reappeared? All this sounds thrilling!

    As was stated here only recently, Zelenkas keyboard music must have had such a high quality that it should be compared to the keyboard music of Johann Sebastian Bach. Obviously, Bach's works for keyboard instrument have been copied and spread so that I would expect the same to happen with Zelenkas works. Then, is the idea false to think that Bach himself may have copied keyboard music, which now has a BWV number? At least it is known that Bach copied Zelenkas Magnificat in D...

    To what extent have other keyboard works of Zelenkas time with unkown attributon been researched for Zelenkisms? :-)

    Best regards

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