Dear Zelenka lovers,

I was so suprised and astonished to find this forum!

In the 1990ies I studied musicology in Graz/Austria and I have been loving Zelenka from the day I discovered his trio sonatas. I was so fascinated by this composer that I wrote my thesis about his late masses. I thorougly analyzed the fugues and worked out Zelenkas personal style.
In (I think it was) 1995 I had two great chances: I was allowed to study Zelenkas Autographs in Dresden for two weeks and I was invited to the Zelenka conference this year where I referred about my results. And I had the luck to get to know Janice Stockight there. A wonderful person; however I can hardly imagine thar she will remenber me.
Then, for many years my work led me every where else but to Zelenka but I listend to his works from time to time, always loving his music.
Now I am working in a complete different branch (not as a musicologist) but privatly music is still a main subject for me.

So recently I decided to recherche about Zelenka again and see what new knowledge there is. And I realized that after twenty years of just enjoying this music that my way of thinking about it has changed a lot.
So I was surprised and pleased to find this platform and I hope to be allowed to talk to you a little bit and also ask you some things I am interested in.

Very best greetings from the "Mozart town" Salzburg,