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Thread: Collegium 1704: New Zelenka CD

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    Default Collegium 1704: New Zelenka CD

    Greetings from Dresden.

    Over the weekend I attended two concerts with the Collegium 1704 here and in Prague. The theme of the brilliantly selected program was "The Art of the Counterpoint" – Inspiration from the counterpoint of Palestrina in the works of Bohemian composers, pupils of J. J. Fux:

    F. A. I. Tuma — Stabat Mater
    J. D. Zelenka — Sanctus et Agnus Dei ZWV 34 and ZWV 36
    J. D. Zelenka — Sub tuum praesidium 157, Nr. 1-3
    A. Caldara — Selections from Motetti a due e tre voci op. 4

    The setting was chamber like, 8 voices and a basso continuo section of theorba, organ, cello and double bass. This was simply excellent, especially the Dresden concert, with the Stabat Mater of Tuma being the highlight of the program. What a beautiful work that is. But great to hear the Zelenka works as well and the Caldara motets, who were so admired and so often performed here in Dresden in the 18th century.

    In Prague, to my great and pleasant surprise, it was announced that a new CD with the orchestra had just been released on Supraphon with the same music as listed above (except for the Caldara works) and a sonata by Orschler. I bought a copy and it's been running in my player. It's wonderful. I am sure will soon have copies for sale for all of you.

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    Default Re: Collegium 1704: New Zelenka CD

    Wonderful news!
    Will be nice to have a newer refined version for Sub tuum praesidium, though a shame that they didn't do all 10 settings! The two Mass movements will be refreshing too. I'm still waiting to find out if anyone recorded Collegium 1704's performance of Missa Dei Patris in November.
    As for František Tůma, can't wait!

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