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Thread: ZWV9 in France and Spain in October

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    Default ZWV9 in France and Spain in October


    The Missa Corporis Domini ZWV9 will be performed at three dates in October by Ensemble Antiphona and Orquestra Barroca Catalana of Barcelone, directed by Rolandas Muleika.
    Other works performed: Te Deum - Prélude (Marc-Antoine Charpentier) and Flos Carmeli (Francesc Valls).

    The dates in October 2014:
    - the 9 in Onet-le-Château (Aveyron, France)
    - the 11 in Albi (Tarn, France)
    - the 12 in Tiana (Barcelone, Catalogne, Spain)

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