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Thread: Gleaming review of Te Deum, Boston Cantata Singers & 19 May 1733 Bautzen anniversary

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    Default Gleaming review of Te Deum, Boston Cantata Singers & 19 May 1733 Bautzen anniversary

    Fellow Zelenkans,

    I'd like to share this very positive article reviewing the 10 May concert of Zelenka's & Bach's music in Boston. Its main feature was the ZWV 146 Te Deum, which 282 years ago was today/yesterday performed at Bautzen by the Dresden court musicians - the fascinating details of which have been discovered and discussed over the past couple years (see other threads related to this on the forum, particularly 'Zelenka, the singer'). The 19th May also happens to be my birthday, which makes me a bit giddy, I must admit .

    David Hoose of Boston University, the musical director of the Cantata Singers & Ensemble, is quite taken by our favourite Czech (I also see he's posted here on a couple times about their Zelenka concerts!) There's an interview with him posted 2 years ago which goes into good depth over this interest. It's nice to read his passion and musical insight. He said that his first encounter was due to one of the singers in the group who kept bringing up Zelenka to his attention. I often feel like doing the same in my dad's choral society!

    Here are a few more related articles from the same website, 'The Boston Musical Intelligencer'/, that are all worth a read.

    Thanks all,


    ***As a nice addendum, I've just found this article posted today on 'Opera Plus' by none other than Vaclįv Luks himself (there is a poorly translated version from the original Czech available!): ***
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