J.D. Zelenka

Jan Dismas Zelenka (1679-1745) was a Czech composer who spent most of his working life in Dresden.

Zelenka's last 5 masses and other late works, written between 1735 and his death, are acknowledged in Germany and the Czech Republic to be masterpieces of the late baroque. His instrumental works, written earlier over a period of about ten years, show Zelenka to be a highly individual composer. The name Zelenka is, however, hardly known in the English-speaking world, and Zelenka's works have not yet achieved the worldwide acclaim they deserve - despite the fact that there have been over 150 recordings made in the past 30 years.

If you are expecting a minor baroque composer, please move on.... Zelenka was regarded extremely highly in his time by such names as J.S. Bach and G. Telemann.

This website is designed to promote the music of Zelenka, and has been designed to be as attractive and informative as possible. It offers an up-to-date database of his works and recordings, and now contains a forum which lovers of Zelenka's music can use to "meet" and communicate with each other. In addition, the website offers information on further reading, gives quotations from musical experts, and shows examples of Zelenka's autograph scores.

Alistair H. Kidd, March 2006.

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