Jan Dismas Zelenka,  baroque composer:
born Lounovice 1679, died Dresden 1745.




These CDs are presented in random order
Sacred Music (ZWV 147, ZWV 134, ZWV 135, ZWV 47)

Hyperion CDA67350
UK, 2003

Missa Votiva (ZWV 18)

Carus 83.223
Germany, 2010

Italian Arias (ZWV 176)

Accent ACC 24306
Belgium, 2015

Psalmi Vespertini III

Nibiru 01642231
Czech Republic, 2017

Psalmi Vespertini I

Nibiru 01612231
Czech Republic, 2015

Missa Divi Xaverii (ZWV 12), Litaniae de Sancto Xaverio (ZWV 156)

Accent ACC 24301
Belgium, 2016

Missa Votiva (ZWV 18)

Thorofon CTH 2172
Germany, 1992

Il Diamante (ZWV 177)

Nibiru 01512232
Czech Republic, 2009

Missa Purificationis (ZWV 16),
Litaniae Lauritanae "Consolatrix Afflictorum" (ZWV 151)

Nibiru 0147-2211
Czech Republic, 2007

Missa Omnium Sanctorum (ZWV 21)

Sony Classics SK 60592
Germany, 1998

Te Deum (ZWV 146)

Carus 83.148
Germany, 2000

Orchestral Works (ZWV 182-190),
Symphonia from ZWV 175

CPO 999 897-2
3-CD release, Germany, 2001

De Profundis (ZWV 50), Miserere (ZWV 57), Requiem (ZWV 48)

Passacaille 9528
Belgium, 2000

Six Sonatas (ZWV 181) (double CD reissue from 1993/1995)

France, 2016

Missa Dei Filii (ZWV 20),
Litaniae Lauretanae (ZWV 152)

Deutsche Harmonia Mundi/BMG Classics RD77922 (U.S. 7922-2-RC)
Germany, 1990

Six Sonatas (ZWV 181)

ECM 462 542-2
Germany 1999

Missa Sanctissimae Trinitatis (ZWV 17)

Studio Matous MK 0017-2 231
Czech Republic, 1994

Missa Dei Patris (ZWV 19)

Carus 83.209
Germany, 2000

Sepolcri: three early works (ZWV 58, ZWV 59, ZWV 60)

Supraphon SU 4068-2
Czech Republic, 2011

Officium Defunctorum (ZWV 47),
Requiem (ZWV 46)

Accent ACC 24244
Belgium, 2011

Lamentations (ZWV 53)

Hyperion Helios CDH 55106
UK, 1991

Missa Paschalis (ZWV 7),
Litaniae Omnium Sanctorum (ZWV 153)

Nibiru 01582231
Czech Republic, 2013

Psalmi Vespertini II

Nibiru 01632231
Czech Republic, 2016

Lamentations of the Prophet Jeremiah (ZWV 53)

Deutsche Harmonia Mundi/BMG Classics GD77112
Germany, 1983

Missa Omnium Sanctorum (ZWV 21)

Nibiru 01542231
Czech Republic, 2011

Missa Dei Patris (ZWV 19)

Berlin Classics BC 1078-2
Germany, 1993

There have been over 150 CDs produced containing the music of J.D. Zelenka. With only one or two exceptions, all of these can be recommended. Thus, the collector need not hesitate when considering a particular recording of a work.

The small selection of CDs given here contains some of the best recordings in terms of artistic interpretation / performance and recording quality. Some CDs narrowly missed being included, so this list should not be regarded as being exclusive in any way.

The works represented cover a relatively wide spectrum and are generally agreed to be among the best written by Zelenka.


How was this selection chosen?

It was chosen by a handful of Zelenka enthusiasts with widely different backgrounds.
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Unanswered questions

Why have almost no recordings of Zelenka's music come from the USA?

Why have very few of the largest record companies (with the exception of Supraphon) produced recordings of Zelenka's music?

Why has the super-budget label Naxos never featured Zelenka's music on CD (apart from the fanfares, which really don't count considering what else he produced)?