Jan Dismas Zelenka,  baroque composer:
born Lounovice 1679, died Dresden 1745.



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Masses known to be by Zelenka Parts of Masses (not included in Zelenka's full Masses) Requiems / Invitatory, Lessons, Responsories for the Offices of the Dead / De profundis
Requiems / Invitatory, Lessons, Responsories for the Offices of the Dead / De profundis includes Lamentations (Lamentationes), Responsories (Responsoria), Miserere settings, oratorios and similar works
includes all Magnificat settings settings of Alma Redemptoris Mater, Ave Regina coelorum, Regina coeli, Salve Regina
mainly includes two Te Deum settings and ten Litanies includes Offertoria, some Motets
includes Offertoria, some Motets mixed, including one Melodrama Sonatas, Caprices, Concerto, Ouverture, Hipocondrie
Sonatas, Caprices, Concerto, Ouverture, Hipocondrie

Sources of Information

This database of works is based on the following publications:

Horn, Wolfgang,  Kohlhase, Thomas,  Landmann, Ortrun,  Reich, Wolfgang (eds.) (1989). Zelenka-Dokumentation: Quellen und Materialen, 2 vols. pp.283-312. (Wiesbaden: Breitkopf & Härtel).

Kohlhase, Thomas (1992). Der Dresdner Hofkirchenkomponist Jan Dismas Zelenka: Ein Forschungsbericht. Musik des Ostens 12: 115-212. (Kassel: Bärenreiter).

Stockigt, Janice B. (2000). Jan Dismas Zelenka. A Bohemian Musician at the Court of Dresden. ISBN 0-19-816622-2 (Oxford: Oxford University Press).

Every effort is made to keep the database up-to-date and accurate, but some information is tentative (e.g. several of the dates).

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