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Missa Dei Filii (Missa ultimarum secunda) [Referred to as either ZWV 20, ZWV20, Z.20 or Z20] (ZWV 20)

Raumklang (Raum Klang), Cat. No. RK 9702
CD issued: 1997

Information: Choir: Dresdner Kammerchor (Dresden Chamber Choir). Orchestra: Dresdner Barockorchester (Dresden Baroque Orchestra). Conductor: Hans-Christoph Rademann. Soloists: Heike Hallaschka (S), Kai Wessel (A), Marcus Ullman (T), Frank Schiller (B).

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Side image: High Altar of the Jasna Góra Monastery Basilica in Częstochowa, Poland, designed by an unknown Italian artist, modelled by the Italian architect Giacomo Antonio Buzzini, and executed by a team of Polish artists, including the sculptor Jan Adam Karinger, between 1725 and 1728 (photographer unknown).

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