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05-12-2008, 11:50 AM

As a new member I just wan't to drop by to say hello. When I first heard the old Archiv recordings of Zelenkas' Capricci ( was it Camerat Bern? ) more than 20 ago, I didn't get him. Too many unisono ritornellos and thin texture compared to Bach I thought back then. But ( I'm a baroque-music freak) returning to him in recent years, I've learned to appreciate him for the fantastic composer he really is. I was first captured by the "Hipocondrie" - the inventiveness, the dramatic almost operatic setting, the brilliant countepoint and instrumentations. Went on with the trio sonatas - regular masterpieces, and now I just try to discover as much of his music and I can. So I'm thrilled to find this forum, here seems to be all the information I could possibly want.

Thanks :) - Morlam

EDIT - To admin : I can see that members here not usually announce their joining the forum in a thread (on other forums it's very common), so please feel free to remove this entirely. I could imagine more interesting topics on the forum:) .

08-08-2010, 12:40 AM

I used this already existing thread to say hello and say a few words about me.

I'm 18, oboist and oboist's son. I live in Geneva and speak French, Dutch, understand German. My English is not all the best and I hope you would'nt mind too much...

I came to Zelenkas music a few years ago, with the Sonatas (Holliger, 1998) and have been fascinated ever since by the passion of this so special music, so far away from anything else I knew. I'm now discovering what I can find of his works on Youtube, along with this forum, very glad to find so much lovers of his music.

Many thanks for this website which provide so much informations!