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13-01-2009, 04:17 PM
The well known Camerata Bern recordings of the complete Trio Sonatas and Orchestral Works are now available on the Brilliant Classics label at the bargain price of all five cds for 17 euro.

Most here who want these probably already have them, but for newcomers or those who have worn out the old cds from frequent use, here is a great chance to have the recordings that introduced many to Zelenka.

13-01-2009, 07:34 PM
Thanks, Scott. Having gone to the description of Zelenka at the website, I find some interesting misinformation:

"He never achieved promotion or due recognition, and any hope of promotion was scotched when Hasse was made Kapellmeister in 1731. Despite these frustrations, he did manage to travel and in Venice met some of the great musicians of the time including, Vivaldi, Pisendel and Fux."

Oh dear! Who could have written so many untruths and half truths? Even the sequence of events is wrong - the implication being that the trip to Italy (which itself is somewhat dubious because of lack of evidence) followed the Hasse story. Interesting also that Z. met Fux in Venice, when in reality he studied counterpoint under Fux in Vienna! He must have met Pisendel somewhere, as he worked alongside him in the orchestra in Dresden for many years! Pisendel certainly met Vivaldi, but whether or not Zelenka ever did is a mystery too deep to be first revealed on a Brilliant Classics issue.

14-01-2009, 04:05 PM
Clearly their website needs work- the home page is still about the 10th anniversary of Brilliant Classics 3 years ago, making it look like it hasn't been updated since then!

I suppose that the same errors you pointed out will be in the program notes too-which is a shame since the ones in the original release are quite extensive and even point out some of the codes in Zelenka's dedications.

That said, the way the recording industry and classical music are going, it's lucky these recordings are available at all, and in these economic times a bargain price is a very good thing.

Skimpy program notes aside the actual CDs I have from Brilliant are quite good-even the new, original recordings are well engineered, much better than some early CDs on major labels that cost 5 times as much.