View Full Version : 250th Anniversary 1995

Andrew Hinds
12-12-2006, 11:32 PM
The BBC included Zelenka as the "Composer of the Week" in December 1995.

Apart from that, FX Thuri (in Prague, I think) produced his "Homage to J D Zelenka". I have the CD kindly given to me by a Czech visitor to the UK who knew of my interest. It is a piece lasting nearly 14 minutes with 20 Double basses, 2 oboes,a bassoon,an organ, the St Wenceslas Choir and, at the end, a bell. The label is "Waldmann" which happens also to be the name of the Choir Master.

Those of you who have Studio Matous's CD of the Trio Sonatas (MK0008-2 131) can see a photo of the performers with FX Thuri as harpsichordist.

Does anyone know of any other celebrations in 1995?

13-12-2006, 09:52 AM
There was an important academic conference on Zelenka and his music in 1995, held in Dresden and Prague.

It was then that the plaque commemorating Zelenka was organized and unveiled in Dresden. The plaque is on a hotel wall only a short walk from the site of the original Catholic Court Church, which was attached to the court buildings until about 1890.