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25-01-2007, 11:20 AM
I read about the end of the sponsor time and I came with a few
ideas. I didn't find a tread on this matter, but probably it is my fault, anyway if there is please let me know and I'll post there.

The note at the homepage says that donations are welcome, but probably it is a far too secluded smallprint, and one doesn't know how to donate.

1. Annual fee or donation trough paypal. In order to know how things will
turn and how much money will flow there might be a poll.

2. Advertisment of or donations by CDs shops. Zelenka's CDs are best bought
via the Internet, and almost all my Zelenka's CDs have been bought thanks to
this website. This might also be the case of books and sheet music.

3. Professional musicians might find here an interesting spot for promoting
their concert as well, maybe if they have an agent he might be willing to
chip in with some money. If we know there is a concert we might offer advertisment on the website.

In case there is not enough money and time we could ask for a newsgroup, in this way whatever will happen to www.jdzelenka.net we may stay in touch. Something like the "alt.music.bach".

It would be a stepbach, sorry, a stepback, but at least we will exchange our Zelenka's thoughts in case the site won't survive!

I wouldn't mind even if the Discover Zewlenka were on a free web site even thoug in this way we will have to give up to the url "www.jdzelenka.net", but its funciotn will be as manifesto for the newsgroup with just the basic informations such as a list of cds, scores and books and where to buy them.


25-01-2007, 01:38 PM
Hi Beppe/gippo,

Thanks for your ideas.

Under (2), I did e-mail MusicaBona.com and asked them if they would be interested (as they sell music mostly by Czech composers and are perhaps the best bet), but I have not received a response.

The PayPal idea is a good one (as then people would know where to send all those millions!) :D

I agree that the contact between lovers of Zelenka's music is the most important thing, and there does appear to be a small nucleus of people who are willing to correspond on a semi-regular basis. This in itself is very satisfying to know, especially as the forum only happened about a year ago.

At the same time, loss of the Discover Zelenka website would mean loss of the database. Loss of the database means inability to associate works with recordings in a dynamic way, and we would return to static lists of CDs as found on other sites. There would be no chance of doing searches on dates, keys, CD labels, instruments, unrecorded works etc., which will become more important as the number of recordings grows.

This was the thought behind the site from the beginning... Once you have read the text on the site (Q & A, for example, which seldom changes), the best reason for returning is to get linked information on works/recordings. This would be the biggest loss of all in my opinion, as I for one still use it as a source of reference (even though it's not yet complete).

Best wishes.


13-02-2007, 11:09 AM
I can see that the Paypal's idea made it throught!
I hope it will work, but I was wondering if it could be beneficial to have an idea of what a "basic donation" should be in order to keep your project alive, something for becoming a "supporter ", but of course there might be "special supporters" as well.

13-02-2007, 11:42 AM
Hi again, Beppe,

Well, to put it down to plain numbers, it costs about 300 dollars to run the website per year. The site could probably be transferred to another web hotel that is cheaper, but I doubt if I have the time or energy to transfer across all that database stuff and make sure it runs smoothly again.

So I have to find 300 dollars before June, when the payment is due. On top of that, the address (which is now standard and would be a shame to change given that it turns up as 1, 2 or 3 on a Google search) is up for renewal. This can cost up to 35 dollars for a yearly registration (or 15 dollars per year for 9 years).

So I must have 335 dollars or 435 dollars before June. I suspect that there are about 6 people who might be willing to pay (including myself), which would mean at least 50 dollars per person. I could put an "appropriate amount" on the front page, e.g. 20 dollars. What do you think?

13-02-2007, 06:22 PM
I thought it was cheaper! I mean the basic cost, not the expertise of course.
I am of the idea that the right amount could be the one of a cd, so it sounds like: instead of buying a cd today, I'll support your project.
Moneywise I don't think that not all countries, and people of course, are alike, so any amount should be welcome anyway.
The last rumbling thought of mine is that if a group of people want to support you they will donate as much as necessary, within limits unfortunately!
I do hope you will rise more money than necessary, but if you are short of donations there might be another round to achieve the target. In this case you may put a red alert signal on the main page!