View Full Version : Links between text and music in the (late) masses

David Hein
11-11-2007, 10:38 PM

In the Missa Sanctae Trinitatis ZWV 17 you will know the wonderful setting of "Et resurrexit tertia die", where the violins and oboes playing together in a manner that I have not heard before and after. In the Agnus Dei II a small fragment of this unheard music suddenly reappears. It is much slower than at the first appearence, like in a dream. In Zelenkas masses, nothing happens just by accident. So where is the link between resurrection and the prayer for mercy? I think it is the indication that through Christ's resurrection God *has* mercy upon us. For Zelenka this must have been certain.

In the missa Dei Patris ZWV 19 Zelenka uses the same music for the Kyrie and the Sanctus instead for the Agnus Dei. This is very uncommon; one would expect Zelenka to have used the same music for Kyrie and Agnus Dei, as the contents of both texts comply with each other and in order to give the whole mass setting a cyclic element. Obviously, Zelenka had something different in mind. He brings texts together, of which one is a cry for help, the other a praise song on God's glory and might. Antagonism!

Which other occurences come to your mind?