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23-12-2015, 09:39 AM
Today, 270 years ago, Zelenka died in Dresden. Unfortunately very few, if any, events seem planned to mark this. I found this short (and by Zelenka "myth" standards quite tame) tribute in German here: http://www.klassik-heute.com/4daction/www_thema_id/676

Pity they did not reference any of the more recent excellent recordings.

Can anyone do any better?


p.s. For the 340th birthday in october 2019 there needs to be more noise, hopefully a festival and conference like the one this year. Oh and a Google doodle - the one for Beethoven last week was pretty cool!

23-12-2015, 09:20 PM
... found a bit of time to record a tribute today in the form of a keyboard version of the sublime "et incarnatus est" from ZWV 17. It can be found here (http://imslp.org/wiki/Missa_Sanctissimae_Trinitatis,_ZWV_17_(Zelenka,_Ja n_Dismas)#IMSLP404117) on the recordings tab at the relevant imslp page. I hope my rather improvised version does justice. I think this piece sums up one of the most important characteristics of Zelenka - that he was captivated by the past and the future in equal measures. Enjoy!

24-12-2015, 01:56 AM
I *loved* that ZWV 17 Et Incarnatus keyboard interpretation. Was it Chopin? Brahms? Beethoven? No, Zelenka!
I also had hoped to have had ready a couple things to pay tribute, but they're still in progress - I guess my glass of whisky will have to do ;).

I only found a couple obscure obituary websites who made mention. That Beethoven Google doodle was indeed very fun! Perhaps by Oct 2019 Zelenkawareness would have increased a bit, and would make such a thing possible... then again, they'd probably want to pay lip service to Telemann first before any other "new-comers" enter the show :rolleyes:. The way the Zelenka Festival Praha seems to be going, 2019 might be a good opportunity for an extra-special one to mark that big anniversary (2029 is a more rounded anniversary, but feels much too far!).

All the best everyone,

*toasts* here's to that brilliant guy we so adore,


PS. Here's an image that caught my eye - A simple but somehow lovely 'Z' signature that he uses at the bottom of each title-page segment of ZWV 3 Missa Corporis Domini (http://imslp.org/wiki/Missa_Corporis_Domini,_ZWV_3_(Zelenka,_Jan_Dismas) ):

26-12-2015, 03:15 PM
It is nothing new that Zelenka is neglected, above all, in Germany. He was one of the most important composers in this country and his time. However, he is still almost unknown. The city of Dresden does almost nothing to remember him. Or am I wrong? I would say, there are two reasons for this obvious neglect. One is simply the fact that he was of Czech origin, not German. The second is his catholic belief in a part of Germany that was predominantly Lutheran.