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    Dear members,

    The forum has never before been frequented by so many enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and serious-minded people. It started in 2006, and the Discover Zelenka website started 4 years earlier, in 2002. Personally, I feel that my contribution to the Zelenka revival has been fairly substantial (in a modest sort of a way), but next year I will be retiring -- which means that things must change. Either the whole operation will be closed down, or a new chapter in the history of the site must begin...

    If the website and forum are to continue in any shape or form after the spring of 2018, they must be taken over (and paid for) by someone else. That person must have a burning desire to further the music of Zelenka, must be comfortable with internet technology (especially new developments), must be willing to keep a rather precious database of recordings up to date, must be willing to oversee all contributions to a forum or similar medium, and must be willing to finance (or find a source of revenue for) the running of the operation.

    Technically, the forum rides on the back of the Discover Zelenka website, so at the moment it is one operation. The timetable is as follows:

    The domain "" expires on 26 May 2018, which has a fee for DNS redirection.
    The domain "" expires on 22 May, 2018.
    The whole website is paid up until 17 July, 2018.

    Personally, I feel that both the website and the forum need a facelift, and the easiest way for someone to do that would be to start from scratch with a new site that opens shortly after July 2018. If that sounds appealing, I can supply a (then) very recent "dump" of the recordings database (in MySQL) and a similar dump of the forum entries (also in MySQL). I might add that vBulletin has a service whereby they can get a new version of the forum up and running for you at a modest cost, given a dump.

    I see this as a happy announcement, as nothing is forever and life moves on. At this juncture, it is in no way a disaster or crisis situation -- so please, everyone, please put on your thinking caps and come up with a good idea for a new Zelenka site. Or perhaps even for two separate ones!

    I will be happy to help wherever possible.


    p.s. I can be reached at
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