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Thread: New Survey of Zelenka CDs

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    Default New Survey of Zelenka CDs

    Greetings from Sweden!

    I just wanted to draw to your attention to the fact that there is currently a 35-page survey of Zelenka's music on CD on the News page of the Discover Zelenka website.

    The author, David Nelson, is obviously very clued up on Zelenka and he has a flair for writing that makes this survey a real pleasure to read. I don't always agree with his conclusions, but for me they are most certainly valid most of the time! This will certainly be useful to those who are collecting Zelenka CDs. For those who already have a good collection, the curiosity factor ("what did he say about...?") will come into play.

    Many thanks to Andrew Hinds of the forum for arranging this with David. Now the survey will have a wider readership than would otherwise have been possible through the Dvorak Society.
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    Default New Survey of Zelenka CD's

    I deserve much less credit than Alistair has given me! I did hope that David Nelson would post his most interesting CD review on this website and he has done so. I was simply able to let him hear one or two CD's that he had been unable to get hold of including the Swiss Pan version of Missa Circumcisionis that Alistair has been able to obtain for us all and which appeals to me as much the better of the available two versions - a rare example of disagreement with David's preferences.

    My "Desert Island Discs" selection of 10 CD's would have to include I Penitente al Supulchro del Redentore (partly for the wonderful 6 minute "Miserere" finale) which is not in David's top 10.

    Reading the review again (I had an advance copy several months ago) has given me the idea of starting a thread where people can give us their top 10 Zelenka tracks with reasons why. I hope that this will generate lots of interesting responses rather as was the case with Shaun Wigley's excellent questionnaire last year.

    Andrew Hinds

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    Default New Survey

    This is very interesting reading. I only wish that I had had access to it when I started my collection of Zelenka CDs!
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