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Thread: Première of the Serenata ZWV177

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    Default Premi?re performance of the Serenata ZWV177

    I'm really looking forward to the upcoming recording of the Serenata ("Il Diamante") by Adam Viktora and Ensemble Inegal. Something that I didn't know but recently found out (from another forum member) is that the recent performance in Prague was not the first. The modern premi?re was in October 1992 in Aarhus in Denmark, under Soren Hansen. Another thing I learned is that the Vivaldi scholar Michael Talbot was rather negative about the work at the Zelenka conference of 1995, but he was apparently talking/writing about ZWV 277(!)
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    Default ZW 177 Il Diamante

    I'm in Italy and I'm a friend of the soprano Roberta Mameli who plays the role of Giunone in Zelenka's Il Diamante. The choir where I sing regularly performs with Roberta. I bought the double CD and this is a real splendor music.
    Thanks a lot to Adam Viktora who has given us a music jewel!!!
    You can buy the CD on

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    Default Il Diamente ZWV 177

    Thanks for drawing attention to what may prove to be one of the events of 2010 for lovers of Zelenka's music.

    Please look at my listing of what is on BBC Radio 3's "Composer of the Week" programmes for 18 to 22 January and you will see that Il Diamente is scheduled to be in the Friday (22nd) programme. It will be my first chance to hear this music.

    The details on the website talking about Il Diamente make clear that this work from 1737 and what is known about the circumstances surrounding its production provide a whole new insight into where Zelenka belonged in the Dresden Court. It provides clues but no answers! What is clear is that many false statements have been made in the 1970's and 1980's about a forgotten composer. It is odd that in one important document, Hasse and Ristori get mentions - Zelenka just provides the music. A reassessment of the whole situation will be fascinating.


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    Default Re: Il Diamente Serenata ZWV177

    I would like to ask Alistair to consider including the two CD set of Il Diamente in his "Outstanding CD's" listing. It falls into a rare category of music for Zelenka and yet he has excelled again. I particularly like track 9 in CD1 and most of CD2 is fine music very well performed. It did not escape my notice that Adam Viktoria and his wife assumed the roles taken in 1737 by the conductor, Hasse, and his wife Faustina who is believed to have sung the final aria.

    Let us also thank D J Dresden for his excellent booklet notes. I am beginning to realise the debt we all owe to him for his mid-eighteenth century research work and I am longing to hear more about who lived next to whom in Dresden. For example (and what a fascinating example) W F Bach was a neighbour of Zelenka at one time. More diamonds please!

    Andrew Hinds

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    Default Re: Première of the Serenata ZWV177

    Hi, Andrew. Everyone I know who has listened to the Il Diamante recording has nothing but praise for it. I agree with you that it should be an "outstanding recording" on the Discover Zelenka website. If there is anyone who thinks differently, speak now or forever hold your peace...

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    Default The Flaw in the Diamond

    The overwhelming dominance given to the Sopranos unbalances this work quite seriously, to the point that it becomes almost grating and hard to listen to near the end.

    Sure, many may say that this was the taste of the time(judging from operas by Handel and Vivaldi they are probably right, depending on what Castrati actually sounded like) and Zelenka probably was constrained by "political needs" but even one number for a low voice would have provided enough contrast to mitigate the tiresome effect of concentration on one vocal range.

    A fine performance and recording, with a lot of good music, so a Diamond it remains, but flawed it is.
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