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Thread: ZWW 17 & ZWV 168 coming soon!

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    Smile ZWW 17 & ZWV 168 coming soon!

    I would like to draw your attention to the recent update on the Nibiru page: Enseble Inegal just continues to spoil us! Both Missa Sanctissimae Trinitatis ZWV 17 and the motet for The Holy Trinity ZWV 168 are about to be released. In addition, the names of the performers, the complete tracklist and Wolfgang Horn's outstanding liner notes to the new CD have already been published digitally: .
    The way he supports his discussion with historical source references is exemplary (The standard of the articles seem to reflect the standard of the performances!). According to Horn, the hitherto unknown Gaude laetare ZWV 168 from 17th May 1731 shows signs of influence from the galante style in Jan Dismas Zelenka's music already before Hasse's arrival in Dresden. Secondly - and this will be equally interesting to listen for - ZWV 168 shows us the joyful and optimistic side of Zelenka's musical personality that is absent from late works such as Missa Sanctissimae Trinitatis ZWV 17. Unlike the motet, the Mass wasn't composed for the Trinity celebrations and the title is simply a dedication, but according to Stockigt (2000), p. 218, it may have been commissioned for another liturgical occasion in November 1736. Before WWII it was also accompanied by 25 performance parts.
    Stockigt's book underlines the generally juyful nature of JDZ's works from the late 1720s to early 1730s, and Tomas Kral's impressive CD performance of the Czech motet Chvalte Boha Silneho ZWV 165 with Musica Florea is a convincing example of this light-hearted tendency. According to Stockigt again (pp. 141-160), the brilliant middle-period highpoint, Missa Divi Xaverii ZWV 12 (late in 1729) remains the most substantial example from this compositional phase. Despite all Zelenka discoveries recently, it's a bit strange that there's still no recording plans for this Mass (ZWV 12) that stands out in so many ways. The material, it seems, has been meticulously prepared in Melbourne, Australia already, for a performance some time ago. Thus, much of the time-consuming preparation work has been done, just see: . Apparently ZWV 12 was the only Mass where Zelenka found it necessary to include trumpet parts in his own hand. This score could, for example, be another dream collaboration project for Baroque trumpet expert - and fellow Zelenka lover - Hannes Rux together with Ensemble Inegal, to continue earlier triumphs (see this illuminating Youtube interview): ?
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