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Thread: Zwv 15 Missa Eucharistica

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    Default Zwv 15 Missa Eucharistica

    Skiaouros has made mp3 of Zwv 15. You can download it bottom at Start-page.

    The 2 movements so far in public repository, Kyrie 1 & 2, is grand music.

    If you have listen to other works with brass and timpani (Zwv 175 or Zwv 11), you can hear the composer using those instruments in another manner in Missa Eucharistica .
    In older work Zelenka often uses the brass instruments in some sort of ecco, either repeating a tema or repeating an ostinat. In Kyrie1 Zwv 15, he uses the brass in new style, more "classic".

    I have long waited how Zwv15 & 16 sounds like, because they were composed when Zelenka was changing style. And as i hoped, Missa Eucharistica has new elements looking toward the 5 late masses.

    Thank you Skiarouros for sharing this mp3.


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    Default Zwv 15

    Fantastic work! I agree that the timpani are used in another manner, but I am not sure I can pick out the brass. By the way, the timpani sound REAL!

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