Ensemble Inegal doesn't have time to rest on their laurels, despite the efforts that they must have put into their latest triumph with ZWV 168 and ZWV 17 ! Performancewise, the December 2012 release is my personal E.I.- favourite next to the Zwv 16/151 CD from 2007.

Now, according to their concert agenda, Adam Victora and his enthusiastic troops are going to record "Missa paschalis" (Zwv 7) 22-27 June in Prague, following three performances just after Easter (12-14 April). See: http://www.inegal.cz/index.php/Concert_Agenda . Another demanding world premiere project, in other words. I don't know about the rest of you, but for me it becomes more and more evident the more I reflect upon the situation just how fortunate both Zelenka and today's musical world are: To have an ensemble with such an exemplary mixture of musicological curiosity, musical competence and genuine passion as faithful ambassadors is truly exceptional. Words will never suffice to describe this.

As for the companion piece, if any, nothing has been announced yet. If they choose to construct a Holy Week program there are still many alternatives. Nothing stands out clearly based on these criteria, unlike the case with ZWV 168 "Gaude, laetare" last time. But among the substantial works that already HAVE BEEN recorded, on the other hand, two stand out in my opinion: ZWV 90 "Laetatus sum" - the best musical setting of all times of this psalm by any composer anywhere - and the ZWV 153 "Litaniae omnium sanctorum" (1735) - Zelenka's black pearl which first intruduced his late style, with a dark monumentality that is almost scary - , both SCREAM out for new, updated recordings. But maybe it's just me? Maybe you guys think differently...?SVF