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Thread: Dresden manuscripts in Moscow

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    Default Recording of Ristori's Divoti Affetti by Echo du Danube

    I know this is an old thread but it is worth mentioning that there is a new recording on Accent of Ristori's Divoti affetti alla Passione di Nostro Signore, with Echo du Danube, Dorothea Mields et al.
    I discovered this on , a wonderfully useful site for people with our interests.

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    Default Re: Dresden manuscripts in Moscow

    Thanks Derek for this good news. I've been so lucky to have had a copy of this for more than a year, but frankly, I was getting worried it wouldn't be released so I am relieved to hear it's out. Bravo Accent! It's a great recording of the beautiful Divoti Affetti duets, with Mields and Vitzthum in fine form, but unfortunately the whole set wasn't recorded, only seven out of ten. Includes also fine arrangements of Ristori's Esercizi, which is a rare set of Dresden teaching materials. Ristori was, like I've been finding out here in Dresden during the last few years, one of the teachers of the royal family. So this is a very welcome release and warmly recommended.

    Now it is only to be wished that someone does a complete recording of Caldara's Motetti, which is written for the same setting, plus Bass, because Ristori was influenced by these works. Few days ago, I saw Ristori's copy of these motets here in the SLUB.

    And you are right, the New Olde site is good for keeping up with the new releases and to read the rants about Spinosi's versions of the Vivaldi operas! Another one I use often for reference is:


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    Default Re: Dresden manuscripts in Moscow

    Quote Originally Posted by Alistair
    Hi, djdresden

    The Divoti Affetti CD on Amazon appears to cost between 60 and 80 dollars, and that is not counting postage to Europe from the US. Is there any other way of getting hold of this recording of Ristori's music, I wonder? What (or who) is PGM Records? Are they still in business, and what are the chances that they would be coaxed into re-releasing this recording?

    All the best. /Alistair

    The PGM website still advertises the Divoti Affetti CD for sale (one new for $18.99 and one with water-damaged insert for $12.99). See:

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