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    great festival news. On the 11th of August there is an exciting concert taking place in Templin, near Brandenburg, Germany, with three Zelenka works on the program:

    ZWV 57 Miserere, ZWV 151 Litanie Lauretanae and ZWV 16 Missa Purificationis, which he wrote while ill in only 10 days during the hectic year of 1733.


    The orchestra is none other than Ensemble Inegal who brought us the brilliant cd of Il serpente di Bronzo. So let's pray for a recording...

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    Very interesting. ZWV 16 Missa Purificationis live would be a wonderful experience.
    Alistair, I guess you have already ordered tickets and are ready with a microphone.

    Thx for the news Djdresden. I certainly pray for a recording.

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