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Thread: Make soundtracks of unrecorded works

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    I would like to improve the sound of the mp3s you can find in the download section. I dislike most of what I have done, when it sounds good it is by chance. And I have just learned about the B.C. with ripieni... There are drastic improvements to do : reverb, word spelling, articulation of strings, voice conducting... I have not yet tried to imitate recorded works, just to see how far I can go alone. As a 'melomane' I am missing fondamental musician knowledges.
    What do you think should be done first, i.e. what is the worse that needs an immediate fix, not necessarily easy ?
    Any book recommandation for choir conducting, orchestra direction and baroque music interpretation (good enough for these MIDI experiments) ?

    Thank you,
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    Default Soundtracks of unrecorded works

    Someone who is creative (like you are) will perhaps never be fully be satisfied with what they do... especially when there is a learning process involved. If you want to replace what you have done with better versions, that is very good. What you produce is very interesting and fulfils a need, and for someone like me who cannot even play an instrument (let alone hear a choir in my head when I look at Zelenka's manuscripts), hearing unpublished Zelenka works is fantastic. It shows what lies down the road.

    What is my point here? I'll change the subject to illustrate it. If I had been satisfied with HTML code when I began the Discover Zelenka site, the site would have been static and boring (like many other sites on composers), and it would have been impossible to call up lists of unrecorded works etc. or even to tell people what they had actually chosen in a search of works or recordings. Writing PHP code and using a database was a learning process, and I am a virologist by training. We amateurs have a lot to give if we just believe in ourselves. Keep learning, skiaouros, and give us the benefit!

    I think that apart from making the listening experience actually sound better, there is always the consideration of interpretation, which would eventually have to be done for published editions by professional people. A literal rendition of what Zelenka wrote is all we can expect (which I for one am happy with), so we can leave the fine print (e.g. alterations to accidentals) to the people who know better.

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