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Thread: Exciting events in Prague, October 2014

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    Smile Exciting events in Prague, October 2014

    Here are some upcoming events for a Zelenka week in Prague:

    13 October. Opening concert with Missa Sanctissimae Trinitatis (ZWV 17) in the Rudolfinum in Prague. (On the program will be also the premiere performance of an as yet unknown version of
    the Mass in D major by A. Dvorak)

    14 October. Free day where Adam Viktora wants to organize a very first meeting of Zelenka fans from all over the world with a Zelenka programme - sightseeing in the Clementinum, Prague Castle, trip to Lounovice etc...

    15 October. Concert with Zelenka's orchestral compositions from 1723, with Harmonie Universelle and Ensemble Inegal (conducted by Florian Deuter).

    16 October. (The 335th anniversary of the christening of Zelenka.) Concert with Sonatas ZWV 181 performed by Ensemble Marsyas from the UK, in a beautiful hall of the Maltese Palace, possibly with a celebratory toast.

    If I get more information, I will post it here.

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    Default Re: Exciting events in Prague, October 2014

    Wonderful! Once again, I find myself wishing that I could go.
    Adam Viktora is an awesome guy; a gathering of Zelenka fans, wow. 'First' presumably means not the last! Such hope makes me greatly happy.

    The rest of this year is going to be quite something!
    Very soon (29th Aug -> 07 Sept) will be the 2014 Utrecht festival with the theme of 'Habsburg', which of course includes our Zelenka, amongst other esteemed composers linked in some way to that family: Fux, Isaac, Biber (another great Bohemian gem), Tůma (and another), de Monte. There will be the premiere performance of ZWV 12, Missa Divi Xaverii, at the opening concert on the 29th August.

    I also hear from a friend from New Jersey [I am forever indebted to him, for he was the one that introduced Jan Dismas to me!] that Zelenka has recently been getting increased airplay (twice a month, rather than twice a year ) on one of the classical music radio stations over there.

    Have a great time all those who can go to Prague this October and all the best, everyone!
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    Default Re: Exciting events in Prague, October 2014

    Did anyone attend the exciting October events in Prague? it would be especially interesting to hear whether the meeting of international Zelenka fans took place.

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