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Thread: Rouen, 29th November: Missa O. Sanctorum, Ensemble Amati, Didier Beloeil

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    Cool Rouen, 29th November: Missa O. Sanctorum, Ensemble Amati, Didier Beloeil

    Dear Zelenkans,

    I want to pass the news about the performance by a large vocal and instrumental ensemble in France of Missa Omnium Sanctorum on the 29th November, at the Sacred Heart Chapel, Ernemont, Rouen at 5pm. Not sure if this has already been posted or not - sadly I only noticed it today, and it's already the 27th!

    As you know, this mass is incredibly difficult, and for such a large, non-Baroque-specialist vocal&instrumental ensemble to attempt it is extremely commendable.
    I would love a choral society and symphonic orchestra here in the UK to have the guts and avant-garde bravado to do the same. It must be ultimately very rewarding for the performers.

    Here's a 17 minute youtube video compiling their rehearsals of the mass:

    Here's their website . They already performed ZWV 21 in June 2014, so this is a returning concert.

    Here's a blog post, with a few audio recordings attached from their last concert of the Mass (impressive!). A great post explaining the torments of trying to reach perfection for a group trying Zelenka!:

    It's great that some amateur singers and musicians are trying Zelenka in recent years. It brings him to the public, so that it's not just the preserve of exquisite high-class period-style ensembles (who do such a magnificent job, but listening is very different to taking part in creating the music!).
    It takes time to adapt the ear to such interpretations and performances of Zelenka. I'm used to hearing the precise and well-polished recordings of his music on an almost daily basis - so it can't help but shock me when I hear it sung and played with so much vibrato and with modern timbres.
    But, wow, it must be a great experience live at a concert.


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