The future of the Discover Zelenka website and the Zelenka Forum

  • I have had to find a way of financing the running of the Discover Zelenka website and the Zelenka Forum without asking members for any more financial input. (Passing the hat around may work once or twice, but that's all).

    After much deliberation, and after weighing up the pro's and con's of being in any way associated with a commercial enterprise, I have chosen to link the Discover Zelenka website to a partnership scheme based in Germany ( -- online shop and owner of the "cpo" label -- which in my own experience is an excellent and reliable supplier of recorded music and sheet music).

    This means that anyone who buys anything after clicking on the small banner advertisements for JPC on the Discover Zelenka website (at will be contributing a small amount of what they have paid to the running of this website and forum. This only works through the banners on the Discover Zelenka website.

    In case you have not already noticed, JPC has an excellent range of Zelenka recordings! :)

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