New keyboard arrangement of Quoniam from ZWV 19

  • After a lot of tweaking and tinkering I am finally happy to release my latest Zelenka keyboard arrangement. After the first two, fairly straightforward transcriptions I set myself the challenge of doing the Quoniam from Missa Dei Patris, a number which is certainly right up there in terms of being one of the most bonkers works in all of Zelenka's output. Getting to know this work was a joy and it was fascinating to see how Zelenka constructed practically the whole thing from just the first few bars. I really see this work as one of his greatest visions of the upcoming classical period and in the piano arrangement you cannot help sometimes thinking you are hearing a lost early Haydn or even Beethoven work.

    Anyway, I leave you to judge for yourself. I have uploaded both the score and a rather poorly performed recording. I hope some enjoyment can be distilled from it, until a proper pianist can do real justice to it:…,_Jan_Dismas)#IMSLP443968

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