Zelenka Festival & Conference Prague Oct 2017

  • Dear Zelenkans,

    I have some dates to share for this year's Zelenka Festival Praha, so that you may have some advanced notice. This year's will be held during the first week of October: Tuesday 3rd - Saturday 7th

    I have permission to post a preliminary plan of the concerts that Ensemble Inégal are arranging, which may yet change:

    3.10: Lamentations of Jeremiah, 4.10: Secular Vocal Collection II (following on from last year's very successful arias & duets), 6 & 7.10 Missa Corporis Dominici ZWV9*

    More information concerning the featured concerts, speakers & papers will be posted as soon as it becomes available.

    I found it was a fantastic experience last year, and I hope that you will consider coming along!

    All the best,


    *Recent update!!

  • Hmm, does that mean the listing on Inégal's website that they are doing ZWV 21 on 6 October in Prague and 7 October in Dresden (together with the Dresdner Kammerchor) is a decoy (to get in the punters like me who love their disc of ZWV 21) and in fact we are going to hear a "new" work? Would also not be a bad thing - I did tell Adam Viktora last October my hope that they would be looking at the earlier masses sometime. I was rather thinking of ZWV2/ZWV30 though...

  • Indeed! It's going to be the "new" work - already on the festival website: http://www.zelenkafestival.cz/en/program-2017/

    Did anyone else notice that Collegium 1704 is performing ZWV 21 at the Rudolfinium on October 3? http://www.collegium1704.com/d…50/missa-omnium-sanctorum

    That's parallel to the Lamentationes concert by Collegium Marianum. Nice that Zelenka is hogging the Prague music scene (at least for that day), but what a dilemma!

    Fortuntely there is a fairly simple solution: Collegium 1704 perform ZWV 21 on 2 October at the Annenkirche in Dresden as part of their music bridge series: http://www.collegium1704.com/d…52/missa-omnium-sanctorum.

  • Ouch! I had not noticed this at all...

    And that would be a fairly simple solution, if you could get to Dresden and back again quickly :/


  • I'm very excited for next week's festival and conference. A list of papers has been revealed on the (Czech language) Conference page:

    I'm especially intrigued by the great title for Jiří K. Kroupa's paper - possibly a new interpretation for Zelenka's dedication formula, eh?

    I'm proud and grateful, to Jan Stockigt, Johannes (djdresden) and Ensemble Inégal, to be presenting too this year. It is on research I've been doing this past year into the Zelenka family in Louňovice pod Blaníkem (mainly in the 1670s). I'll be showing some new findings (and confirmations of old information) from the parish registers, including evidence for possible connections with local nobility - I promise more on that after the Conference! :cool:

    And, I look forward to meeting people and having hearty discussions (over hearty food&drink!) once more, in wonderful Prague.

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