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  • I sent an e-mail to BBC Radio 3 several months ago drawing attention to the fact that it was in 1995 that Zelenka was featured as "Composer of the Week" and trying to persuade them to look at the "Discover Zelenka" website to present some of our more recent amazing discoveries so wonderfully performed in most cases. I received a bland, impersonal acknowledgement that suggested to me that I had wasted my time. There is no money in taking people like me seriously!

    In the days of Piers Burton-Paige who used to attend Lord's where the BBC sometimes had a Monday evening cricket net in Winter (and where I have spent my winter Mondays for 30 years!), I found an enthusiast who regularly sent me postcards about forthcoming Zelenka concerts. I was most grateful to him.

    I'm not aware of anyone who is going to help us on BBC Radio 3. Baroque music doesn't seem to be greatly in favour with whoever has power there now. Does anyone have an inside track so that someone at the BBC could be encouraged to give coverage to the best of our recent discoveries often involving Czech musicians?

    Andrew Hinds

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    Your wish has been granted

    Beat me to it.... :p


    Donald Macleod begins his week-long exploration of one of Baroque music's forgotten heroes. With a name like Zelenka, he may sound like a man created only to make possible the complete A-Z list of classical composers, but this musician's talents added up to so much more. One of Zelenka's great contemporaries, Telemann, was so impressed by his abilities that he was complicit in a plot to steal copies of his work. And none other than J.S.Bach spent much of his time in Leipzig trying to curry favour with Zelenka's employers in the hope of securing an appointment. Yet, until the 1960s, Zelenka was little more than a name, even to the most knowledgeable scholars...

    BBC Radio 3

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