New Zelenka piano arrangement - Dormi, Deus incarnate (from ZWV 172)

  • Finally a new score from my piano transcriptions project. Sadly it's not the one I promised several of you (a Sonatarization of Credo of ZWV 21). That'll take more time.

    However, my new arrangement will hopefully get you in the mood for the approaching Advent/Christmas period: It's a pastorale based on the extended opening and closing ritornelli of the Aria "Dormi, Deus incarnate" from one of the Christmas motets (ZWV 172) that Zelenka reworked from the Melodrama Sub olea pacis (ZWV 175) of 1723. As Zelenka writes for mostly a drone-like bass with 2 flutes and 2 recorders, it was fairly easy to transcribe. In one place hand crossing is needed in order to maintain the effect that Zelenka demands.

    The arrangement can be found, as usual on IMSLP here . I will post a recording of the work in the coming days.

    For those, like me, a little tired of the Corelli (Concerto Grosso), Bach (Christmas oratorio) and Handel (Messiah) pastorals - hopefully this is a breath of fresh air!


  • Thanks RNKT, this was great stuff, and I will start practicing to play it myself! Of all of Zelenka's works this is probably indeed is the sweetest and easiest to arrange
    ... and ZWV 21 Credo probably the hardest! Good luck with that one :p

    All the best,


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