Special concert in Trebon, CZ, for restoration of organ, 15 Oct 2018

  • Dear all,

    Something of interest for those in Prague during the Zelenka festival week:

    I have just heard word about a special concert happening the day before the start of this year's Prague Zelenka festival, in Třeboň, south Bohemia. Capellia Regia Praha with Robert Hugo will be performing, and there will also be a talk by Dr. Jan Stockigt. This is a part of the renovations going on in the Monastery/Church, and the restoration of the 1737 baroque organ, in particular - so this is quite a special occasion. Here is the publicity material https://ufile.io/kawjy , which has a lot of interesting background information on the music held and performed in Třeboň, much of it from Stockigt herself.

    The music programme has some unusual works including anonymous sacred works from the Třeboň archives (which Stockigt states actually could have been the most protected gems in the monastery collections), sinfonias from Gassman and Brixi, a Mass by Kalous, and one Zelenka excerpt, the great early-period aria 'Ave Crucis, ave lignum' from his Sepulcro Oratorio Zwv 60 Deus Dux.

    Travel from Prague to Trebon is about 2-3 hours (but longer with a coach/bus), but well worth it with this music!


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