Collegium 1704, Zelenka 'Missa 1724'

  • Dear all,

    I've just come across this concert advertisement for the Svatováclavský hudební festival:

    and this from the Collegium website:…/959/-/zelenka-missa-1724

    Václav Luks is putting together the various ZWV manuscripts of the Mass Ordinary from c.1724 and dubbing it 'Missa 1724'. This is very exciting, as these works provide some idea of Zelenka's early period exuberant long-format writing style and use of trombones. It's not technically a world premiere, as most of these have been performed and filmed before by the Russkaya Conservatoria with director Nikolai Khozhdinsky. Here is their meaty performance of the ZWV30 Gloria:, and you can find the Qui Tollis II, Gratias Agimus Tibi and the liberally interpreted Cum Sancto Spiritu ( it includes timpani!)

    I am very much looking forward to Collegium 1704's interpretation, if I ever get to hear it. I hope some recording will surface.

    Best wishes,


  • Hello everyone,

    I had the opportunity to actually attend their rehearsal of these mass movements this Tuesday. There, maestro Luks announced that it´s all been already recorded and that the plan for it is to be released during Spring 2020.

    Here´s a little snapshot from the regearsal.



  • This is terrific news. With these works to be released by Luks, Ensemble Inegale's upcoming release of ZWV 1 & ZWV 166, plus the recent release of ZWV 191, we are getting closer to having Zelenka’s complete works recorded.

    I am especially hoping that someone will take on these works sooner rather than later:

    ZWV 15 Missa Eucharistica (1733)
    ZWV 128 Six Ave Regina settings (1737)
    ZW 211 Qui nihil sortis (1730s) – anyone who heard this in Prague couple of years ago was blown away by the sheer brilliance of this duet.
    and of course the ZWV 56 Miserere… and the ZWV 212 Trumpet fanfares… and ZWV 4, and...

  • I just recevied this email about Missa 1724. I normally do not engage in promotion, but I thought you might be interested in receiving an update about this project and in listening to a sample:

    "Dear Collegium 1704 friends,

    One of our most exciting projects at Collegium 1704 this autumn is a unique new CD recording featuring an ʻimaginary massʼ by the Bohemian Baroque composer Jan Dismas Zelenka.

    Around the year 1724 the composer produced a number of individual mass-ordinary settings that, in juxtaposition, display a strong unity of expression and share a common instrumentation rather rare for Zelenka, one featuring the sound of trombones. The ʻimaginary massʼ reconstituted from these individual movements and given the project title Missa 1724 provides a glimpse into a hitherto unknown area of the composer’s work and is now to be released in a world premiere recording.

    As overall costs for this exceptional recording project are to be in the region of 45 000 EUR, our CD now needs public support if it is to find its way onto the shelves.

    And this is where you can help! Why not come and join us, combining your love of fine music with the artistry of Collegium 1704, who have been bringing the very unique oeuvre of this composer to listeners the world over since 2005?! Every contribution will help us reach that final goal together.

    You can find out more about the recording by watching this video clip of Václav Luks.…b199-84b143a19f-119965059

    And a sample of music from the CD is available here on youtube.…b199-84b143a19f-119965059

    Thank you for contributing! (EUR) (CZK)

  • Great stuff, I for one am supporting it on indiegogo. :cool:

    The YouTube recording is promising, but also quite shocking, as the tempo on the Christe Eleison ostinato is *fast*! I trust Collegium 1704's interpretation, and hope it sounds good as a whole.
    I commend Václav Luks for approaching this challenging work(s).

    Best wishes,


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