Harrer 'Beatus vir' HarWV 46

  • Here's my edition of Harrer's 'Beatus vir': https://imslp.org/wiki/Beatus_vir_%28Harrer%2C_Gottlob%29

    Given Harrer's connection to Zelenka, I think some of you guys might be interested in this work. It's a really nice piece, with numerous little fugues.

    To be honest, this hasn't been properly proofread. It's 75 pages long... and this year I switched from Lilypond -- in which I had prepared this piece sans BC last year -- to Dorico, which is a professional music engraving suite, and which seems to make my hobby easier. So this holiday season I decided to finalize all my older Lilypond projects, and this is one of them. I hope it's interesting even in this state.

    I can send parts to whomever expresses interest. (I really hope we will start practicing this in Krakow this autumn; I will have to prepare the parts anyway. And any mistakes on my part will of course be discovered then :-))

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