Simon Brixi recording

  • Thanks Msl, this is an exciting release for all Zelenka fans, and a very welcome continuation of the outstanding Supraphon series Music from Eighteenth-Century Prague.

    Zelenka did possess “6 Psalmi di Domenica” by Brixi according to Jan Stockigt:

    "Score and parts missing from Dresden. A note jotted by Zelenka at the conclusion of his Inventarium sketches a program for a Marian Vespers, or the feast of a female Saint, Virgin, or Martyr. The settings represent a mixture of composers drawn from Zelenka’s psalm collection. The note reads: ‘19. Dixit Brixi; 20. Laudat[e] pue[ri] Brixi; 12. Laetatus [sum] Foschi; 9. Nisi; à parte 3 Lauda Jerusalem Zelen[ka]; 2 1 10 Mag[nificat] Brixi’. The numbers given by Zelenka are based upon numbers used for psalm listings given in his Inventarium. Therefore, this list was compiled between Zelenka’s Lauda Jerusalem compositions from either 1727 (ZWV 104) and c1728 (ZWV 102), and before the mid-1730s when several psalms from the sequence Vesperae de Confessore were taken over into the ‘Psalmi varii’ (1735?) and re-numbered. This list reveals that Brixi’s settings of Dixit Dominus, Laudate pueri, and Magnificat were in Zelenka’s psalm collection between c1727–8 and the mid-1730s.
    NB: Zelenka’s note ‘P’ accompanies each listing in the Inventarium.
    See Stockigt, ‘Vespers Psalms of Jan Dismas Zelenka’, App. 2, 626–9.”

    Also, an entry into the 1765 catalogue of the Catholic church in Dresden listed the following score and parts, now also missing:
    18 Psalmi per tutto l’anno

    Zelenka’s Benedictus Dominus (ZWV 206) Prague source probably stems from Brixi, according to Jana Vojteskova. Recently, Kjartan Óskarsson provided a fresh insight on Brixi’s copy of Zelenka’s aria “Recordare, Domine” from the sepulchre cantata Immisit Dominus pestilentiam (ZWV 58, 1709), in his article on Zelenka and the Chalumeau, see Clavibus unitis (2019/1, pp. 55-56):

    The Hipocondria Ensemble is yet another excellent group from Prague, and with some very familiar faces. I very much recommend their other releases: the Cernohorsky CD has some magic moments, so does the CD Music in Prague Cathedral.

    I look forward to purchase a copy of Brixi in Prague next month, during the Zelenka Festival!

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