Musica Aeterna

  • What I would give for the score of Laetatus sum! The ZWV 90 setting is very intricate with highly animated melodies in the first and last movements respectively... would love to study it, however it seems that no published score exists - yet the performers would have had to have access to the score somehow....

  • Hello,

    Yes, very much agreed! Thanks for sharing. Orliński packs a punch. Zelenka's more galante style is conveyed with great energy and lightness by Il Pomo D'oro (The Tomato! :cool:)


    You may be interested Xanaseb - as well as others, that I have discovered excerpts of the score to this very rarely performed masterpiece of Zelenka - it is of course from a study by the revered scholar Janice Stockigt, on pages 6-7, with bonus material of Chvalte Boha silného (ZWV 165), though I am one of the very few if only in the world to have access to the complete published score of the latter which I obtained on the furthest and darkest recesses of the internet, and typeset, available on Youtube here:

    The article in question, in which Janice Stockigt studies the influence of Polish folksong and dances on Zelenka's music, here (Laetatus sum, ZWV 90 excerpts on pages 6-7):…8/03_Stockigt-1uwhrcm.pdf

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