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  • Hello. My name is Fernando Cardoso, I'm a harpsichord player from Brasil.

    I'm working with a group on Zelenka's Sonata III (B flat) and the edition I'm using (Barenreiter, 1979) has not the adequate figurate bass numbers over the bass line of cembalo part. The problem is that in recordings of this piece of music (for example the Holliger-Bourgue-Zehetmair-Thunemann-Stoll-Rubin interpretation), the second movement doesn't agree with the bass line of this edition.

    I prefer less notes in the bass of the cembalo in this allegro, since the material of the bass in the Barenreiter edition is "colla parte" of the basson! Even the interpretation supra-cited has not the "colla parte" I've mentioned.

    So, I would like to know if sombody has a PDF score with cembalo part of this sonata, and if you could, kindly, send me it by e-mail, if possible.

    If there is any problem in doing that, please contact me.

    Thanks for your attention,

    Fernando Cardoso

  • Hello, Phil. Thanks for you answer!

    I'm already talking with Malcom. He furnished me sonatas I and IV, but he is still working on sonata III. I'm just waiting. I will play sonata III at the end of September here in Brasil!

    Thank you,


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