Youtube playlist of approximately 200 score-videos, typeset and original manuscripts.

  • Hello - it is my first thread and post on this website, looking forward to contributing as much as I can to the help and interest of my fellow Zelenkians, my name is Jamie Holdham - a composer and Urtext transcriber of original manuscripts into beautiful and professional typeset scores.

    I have a Youtube channel where I post a score-video every single day, and I more importantly have a playlist where I have dedicated almost 200, as of 06/01/2022, score-videos of Jan Dismas Zelenka in the form of original manuscript scores, typeset scores, and in the worst case scenario - using copyist scores, as in the case of ZWV 8, the Missa "Navitatis Domini", and ZWV 107, the Magnificat in C Major.

    Enjoy studying the master! - and much more to come!…sKmeqZ960zC8TcjT1x4-I-zM7

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