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  • Exciting concert coming up on MDR Klassik next Friday. The excellent Czech ensemble Collegium Marianum directed by Jana Semerádová, will perform Zelenka’s rarely played Salve Regina (ZWV 139, 1724) and other goodies.

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    Fr08.09.202320:00Uhr (GMT+2)150:00 min

    MDR Klassik - Konzert


    Johann Joseph Fux (1660-1741) Ouverture IV. in g

    Ouverture, Rigaudon, Trio Bourrée, Da Capo Rigaudon,

    Aire La Double, Gigue from Concentus musico-instrumentalis, 1701

    Aria "Quae est ista tam pulchra tam cara"

    Johann Joachim Quantz (1697-1773) Triosonata in G minor QV 2:34

    Antonín Reichenauer (1694-1730) "Regina coeli"

    Frantisek Ignác Antonín Tuma (1704-1774) Sinfonia d moll

    Giuseppe Tartini (1692-1770) Concerto G dur pro flétnu, smycce a continuo

    Jan Dismas Zelenka (1679-1745) "Salve regina" pro bas, 2 housle a continuo, ZWV 139

    Johann Joseph Fux (1660 - 1767) Ouvertüre g-Moll (Nr. IV aus "Concentus Musico Instrumentalis")

    Johann Joseph Fux (1660 - 1767) Aria per la Madonna Santissima "Quae es ista, tam pulchra tam cara"

    Johann Joachim Quantz (1697 - 1773) Triosonate g-Moll QV 2:34

    Tomás Selc - baritone


    Lenka Torgersen - violine, concert master

    Vojtech Semerád or Malgorzata Malke - violin

    Andreas Torgersen - viola

    Hana Fleková - violoncello

    Filip Hrubý - harpsichord, organ

    Jana Semerádová - flauto traverso, artistic direction

    Aufnahme vom 13.08.2023, Weißensee, Kulturkirche

  • 1:06:36

    Thanks to you making me aware, I will now use this recording for the autograph score-video, which I had not bothered with as the only recording that existed till this point was really bad, in terms of audio.

    Time to get to work.

    Zelenka was then also seen by Phoebus,

    who rightly praised him as follows:

    You most highly praised, perfect VIRTUOS,

    Your self-gained fame is world-renowned and great;

    You can for the Glory of God, delight the Soul,

    and movingly compose Church music,

    which is so touching, that the devotional Breast

    already experiences the Foretaste of Pleasures of Heavens;

    Therefore Your Praise will blossom according to your Name,

    Both here on Earth and on the stage of the Stars.

    - Johann Gottlob Kittel

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