Missa Corporis Domini ZWV3, Missa Divi Xaverii ZWV12

  • Great work here Skiaouros, especially of the very damaged score of Zwv 12.
    Mp3 have very good quality. Wonderful musical experience for me. Thank you.
    I like Zwv 12 better than 11 and 13. The Kyrie I & II and Gloria are very good movements. Strongly suggests all reading this to listen to Zwv 12.


  • These are very enjoyable. Many thanks for all the effort making these must take. It is amazing how few Masses from this era are performed or recorded making it difficult to know how good Zelenka's are.
    To that end go to you-tube and search for "Peter Kopp Fasch" for a decent live recording of a complete setting of the ordinary mass by Fasch, apparently performed on period instruments. A substantial work, with some nice melodies, but really cast in the shade(in my opinion) by Zelenka in terms of variety and complexity and also by Heinichen in terms of orchestration.

  • Hello,

    I report this about the ZWV 12 Missa Divi Xaverii / Francis Xavier Mass:

    It was performed at the Autumn Chamber Music Festival 2009 (31 may), Chapell of the Holy Spirit, Newmann College, Melbourne.

    The concert presents a reconstruction of Jan Dismas Zelenka’s
    stirring Francis Xavier Mass in the Dresden court chapel in
    1729. This performance will be the first of an edition specially
    prepared for this concert by Jan Stockigt and Richard Divall.
    The reconstruction brings to light Zelenka’s originality and
    spectacular orchestration, including four trumpets, timpani and
    several virtuoso wind solos, here played on period instruments.

    Soprano Jennifer Cook, Countertenor Dean Sky-Lucas
    Tenor Christopher Roache, Bass Matthew Champion
    The Choir of Newman College with The Newman Baroque Orchestra led by Cathy ShuggCollege.

    "The Australian Broadcasting Commission recorded the performance, which will be given again at the opening concert of a festival here and recorded again"
    So maybe a recording in 2010 (Past Echoes ?)


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