Ensemble Inégal Live in Prague 5 April

  • Friends,

    another very exciting concert coming up, this time in Prague: On Friday 5 April, Adam Viktora and Ensemble Inégal will present the Czech premiere of Zelenka’s newly discovered early work, Statio quadruplex pro Processione Theophorica (ZWV 158), which Kjartan Óskarsson and I uncovered in 2022, see the relevant thread Zelenka: important manuscript discovery

    Zelenka’s masterful Miserere (ZWV 56, 1722) will also be performed, in addition to the piece I have been dying to hear for many years: Zelenka’s arrangement of Allegri’s famous Miserere. Long time readers of this Forum will remember when in 2007 I reported on the discovery in Moscow of the complete set of parts of this work and others from Zelenka’s collection, see Dresden manuscripts in Moscow Many years later we learned more in the paper given by the Russian choir director Maria Sawinkowa at the Zelenka Conference in Prague in 2018, where we got to see some of these parts for the first time, see Xanaseb’s conference report: Zelenka Conferences Prague 2017 & 2018 report

    So, as you can imagine, this promises to be some concert! And the best part is, that this is the program on the next CD release of Ensemble Inégal – the studio recording will be made this summer. Once again I urge all of you reading this, to support the brave labels and musicians who are releasing Zelenka's music on CDs, to purchase a physical copy of their labour: this is absolutely vital for us to be able to continue to enjoy the fruits of our dear composer.

    The Prague concert will be held at Kostele U Salvátora, Salvátorská ul, Praha1, and begins at 19.30. Tickets can be bought here:


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