Missa Corporis Domini Live Collegium 1704

  • Dear friends,

    if a good soul in this Forum could make a recording of this exiting concert in the Czech Radio and share it with us, I would be very grateful. Short notice, but here we are.

    Missa Corporis Domini is a major work in Zelenka’s canon and every performance-interpretation of this music should be studied closely.

    Many thanks in advance!


    PS Note that the hour given is GMT+2.

    15.00 Radio Vltava (https://vltava.rozhlas.cz)

    ZELENKA: Missa Corporis Domini in C.

    HÄNDEL: Dixit Dominus in G minor.

    Tereza Zimkova, soprano

    Pavla Radostová, soprano

    Aneta Petrasova, alto

    Ondřej Holub, tenor

    Tadeáš Hoza, bass

    Tomas Šelc, bass

    Martin Vacula, bass

    Josef Kovačič, bass

    Collegium vocale 1704

    Collegium 1704

    dir. Václav Luks

    Piarist Church of the Discovery of the Holy Cross, Litomyšl - live

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