Missa Circumcisionis Domini Nostri Jesu Christi. | à C: A: T: B: ZWV 11 autograph score-video.

  • This was a long video to edit and make - enjoy the results of my hard work - now onto the next project =)

    Konrad Wagner
    Staatskapelle Dresden
    Dresdner Kathedralchor
    Dresdner Kapellknaben
    Soprano: Andrea Ihle
    Alto: Brigitte Pfretzschner
    Tenor: Ekkehard Wagner
    Bass: Matthias Henneberg

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    Zelenka was then also seen by Phoebus,

    who rightly praised him as follows:

    You most highly praised, perfect VIRTUOS,

    Your self-gained fame is world-renowned and great;

    You can for the Glory of God, delight the Soul,

    and movingly compose Church music,

    which is so touching, that the devotional Breast

    already experiences the Foretaste of Pleasures of Heavens;

    Therefore Your Praise will blossom according to your Name,

    Both here on Earth and on the stage of the Stars.

    - Johann Gottlob Kittel

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