Requiem 1733

  • Dear Zelenka friends,

    a truly exciting concert is coming up in France. The brilliant Collegium 1704 will perform the complete Offices for the dead which Zelenka wrote for the funeral of August the Strong in 1733. This consists of the Requiem ZWV 46 and the Invitatorium, Lectiones and Responsoria ZWV 47. Although these works have been played before it will be the first time they have been performed together. The concert will take place at the Festival La Chaise-Dieu, Saturday 22nd of August. And it will be broadcast live on France Musique for those of us not able to attend!


    I have also been told this will probably be recorded and released, presumably on ZZT.


  • Hi all,

    just a friendly reminder that next Saturday, the Requiem concert will be live in the French Radio. The program starts at 18.00 GMT with an introduction, the concert at 19.00. What's more, the concert will be filmed by MEZZO TV, probably for a later broadcast.

    And just four days later, on Wednesday 26th, the french will again broadcast music of our Zelenka, this time it's the ZZT cd release concert of the oratorio I Penitenti, live from the Festival de Sable. Again the program starts at 18.00 with an introduction and the concert at 19.00.

    Both concerts are of course performed by Vaclav Luks and his Collegium 1704 and Collegium Vocale, and are not to be missed!


  • This concert have now been uploaded on youtube. sound quality is very good.
    First time I have heard both works complete. Downloaded and burned out a CD of this concert.

    There are also other nice preformances by Zelenka uploaded recently:
    -Zwv 18 (collegium 1704)
    -Zwv 175 symphonia, 71 and 81 (Visegrad Baroque Orchestra)

    I found a movement on youtube from Immisit Dominus pestilentiam ZWV 58 (aria V) I never heard before.

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